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Friday Night … “drama” night! March 20, 2009

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img_7473aspromavriI finally did it yesterday … It has been a while now that I wanted to go for the dramatic red lips trend but I never dared to do so. I always thought that red lipstick looks either trashy or you end up looking like you have just escaped from a circus. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when I ended up looking like a classy femme fatale!

In order to get a successful red lip look I followed one simple rule. Red lips pop out so you should lay low on the rest of your make up. A neutral eye shadow, some mascara and a soft blush is enough. Less is better in this case.

Mac Glam I

Mac Glam I

Another rule that I follow whenever I intend to put dark lipstick is condition my lips so I can get rid of the dead cells.

Mac Chili

Dark lipstick shows every flaw on the lips and who wants to end up looking like Dracula? So, take care of you lips in advance. What I usually do is I rub them softly with a toothbrush and then put on a sheer lip balm.

So, don’t be afraid to go red…Pick a shade that you like or mix and match and rock it!

A couple of my favorite red lipsticks are Glam I and Mac in color chili both by Mac Cosmetics. You can find them both at or at a mac store near you!

– fashionfruits


Nail Spa at home March 17, 2009

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Today I spent the day at home turning  my bathroom into a nail spa. The truth is that not all of us out there have the time or the money to spend on beauty salons. Believe me, our bathroom can easily be turned into a spa of our own!

The tools I used where the following:

  • Vaseline healthy hand and nail conditioning, 3.1 Oz $3.49 at Walgreens
  • Pedi bean by Trim , $7.99 at TargetVaseline Hand Lotion
  • filer
  • Olay Body Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment, 4.9 Oz $9.86 at drugstores
  • Nail Polish Nicole by OPI in “Ink a Dink a Pink”, $6.99 at Target

The total cost came to a mere $28.33 and it is for more than once!! I ended up having my feet and hands ready for spring and  I enjoyed doing it myself and at a convenient price!!! I will do it again soon! You should try it too!

Tip of the day: You will be surprised on what a little vaseline hand lotion can do to your feet if you massage them regularly with it after taking a shower! Calluses and hard skin will disappear and never again will they appear. Try it and you will see.

– fashionfruits


Spring Fix March 16, 2009

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Spring is on its way and yesterday I went in search of a spring fix! I needed something that will bring spring in my life immediately! Since I did not have a clue about what my spring fix would be I went for a stroll at Target. I always enjoy going there , going through their aisles and trying to find something eye catching! I especially enjoy going through their beauty and accessories department! You will be surprised on how many not “targetish” items you can find there, proudly wear and get amazing compliments about!


While browsing through the products in the beauty department…I saw it! I immediately knew that this was my “spring fix”. There it stood at $6.99 , the cutest nail polish I have ever seen, Nicole by OPI nail polish in “ink a dink a pink”…aka hot pink! The color of candy into that little bottle turned the gloomy Sunday into a day in spring ! Perfect for drama queens like myself! This color is absolutely hot and perfect for the season coming!

By the way, one thing I absolutely love about the Nicole by OPI nail polish is that “what you see is what you get”…the color in the bottle is the color you will get on your nails, nothing darker or lighter! Another amazing thing is that it really dries quickly. But, I kept the best for last: it passed the ultimate test ! I washed the dishes bare handed and my nails still looked perfect! No chip, nothing whatsoever! Now, how cool is that? That is what I call money well spent.

– fashionfruits


Fashion Recipes for Serious Fashion Lovers March 15, 2009

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Hello all, I am  Fashionfruits and this is my first ever blogpost! I love fashion and beauty products. Fashion to me is almost everything … the love of my life, my hobby, my passion! Also I am a sucker for new products. I want to try them all no matter what…Sometimes they don’t work for me but who cares as long as I try them! So, I decided to create this blog because I would like to share my taste and my preferences with everyone out there.

So, if you spend most of your day reading through fashion magazines and trying to be up to date with the latest fashions and trends then we are alike and my blog is one that you should check out!!! Comments and ideas are greatly appreciated even when they are not that favorable 😉 .

I hope you will enjoy going through my fashion recipes!