“Fashion started as a need, became a symbol of social status and ended up as an obsession”.

Spice Up your hair! March 25, 2009

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During the weekend I went on one of my favorite hunts…the headband hunt. I needed some serious “bling” for my hair so I headed for the mall!

Feather Headband, Forever 21

Feather Headband, Forever 21

Flowers and bows are very trendy and in for the season but what is absolutely hot are feathers, in every color and size. I am particularly into peacock feathers; I think they are serious “movers”. One of my favorite places to look for rocking head pieces is the Forever 21 store or even better – if you want to avoid the crowds – their website at! Under a strict budget of $25 I bought 4 head pieces each one with a distinct character and on top of all, I covered all the hair trends of the season.


– fashionfruits


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