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Spring outerwear crisis…averted! March 19, 2009

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It is this time of year again; the time when it is too hot for a winter coat and too cold for a jacket…So what do I wear over my outfit on a night out? I squeezed my brain and I finally came out with a solution: The spring coat!!! It can be classy, it can be edgy, it can be cute and it is very Carrie Bradshawish! I love it! So, I did my little web research and came up with a couple of interesting pieces at prices really hard to beat! So, here they are…

Forever 21 Foliage Silhouette Coat

Forever 21 Foliage Silhouette Coat

Forever 21 Satin Floral Coat

Forever 21 Satin Floral Coat

I immediately fell in love with this forever 21 trench coat on the left. The foliage like print is very hip and classy. It can be worn during the day or night and looks great on every silhouette! It comes with a patent belt that can be removed and it would look absolutely HOT with a pair of red patent pumps! At $39.80 I think that I will buy two!!!You can find it at!

Another very interesting piece that I found at forever 21 is this satin coat on the right. I find the floral print both edgy and hip. Along with the bold color this becomes a coat to kill for! Wear it when you want to make a statement! Sport it with a pair of yellow killer stiletto heels and become the center of attention! Its price is $39.80 and you can find it online at!


– fashionfruits


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