“Fashion started as a need, became a symbol of social status and ended up as an obsession”.

Go Green! March 18, 2009

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Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day and a good opportunity to GO GREEN! So I put on my green dress and went for a round at the bar.
Now, green is a really tricky color and difficult to wear without looking like a wood elf! Halloween occurs once a year in October if I remember correctly ;).
Below I found a couple of nice and not so pricey dresses that are on the green side and look really cute with a pair of leggings or jeans!

Gabriella Rocha Ana dress

Gabriella Rocha Ana dress

Kensie Floral Dress

Kensie Floral Dress

Nine West Barbe Pumps

Nine West Barbe Pumps

The dress on the left is a Gabriella Rocha dress that I found while browsing the zappos website! It is really cute and wearable both for day or evening. Dress it up or down depending on the time of day. You can find it at at the very convenient price of $49.00.

The dress on the right is a kensie floral dress and is one of my favorites – it can also be found at at the very convenient price of $90.00 -. I love the colors and the shape and the length is something that you can play with…You can wear it with or without leggings.

Both dresses look absolutely HOT with a pair of lime green Nine West Barbe pumps! I am a proud owner of these pumps and I get complemented all the time for them! I got them from zappos at $68.95 and they are one of my favorite pairs of all time besides the fact that they are really chic and comfortable at the same time!



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