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Nail Spa at home March 17, 2009

Filed under: Beauty — fashionfruits @ 9:02 pm

Today I spent the day at home turning  my bathroom into a nail spa. The truth is that not all of us out there have the time or the money to spend on beauty salons. Believe me, our bathroom can easily be turned into a spa of our own!

The tools I used where the following:

  • Vaseline healthy hand and nail conditioning, 3.1 Oz $3.49 at Walgreens
  • Pedi bean by Trim , $7.99 at TargetVaseline Hand Lotion
  • filer
  • Olay Body Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment, 4.9 Oz $9.86 at drugstores
  • Nail Polish Nicole by OPI in “Ink a Dink a Pink”, $6.99 at Target

The total cost came to a mere $28.33 and it is for more than once!! I ended up having my feet and hands ready for spring and  I enjoyed doing it myself and at a convenient price!!! I will do it again soon! You should try it too!

Tip of the day: You will be surprised on what a little vaseline hand lotion can do to your feet if you massage them regularly with it after taking a shower! Calluses and hard skin will disappear and never again will they appear. Try it and you will see.

– fashionfruits


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