“Fashion started as a need, became a symbol of social status and ended up as an obsession”.

Fashion Recipes for Serious Fashion Lovers March 15, 2009

Filed under: Beauty,Fashion — fashionfruits @ 8:52 pm

Hello all, I am  Fashionfruits and this is my first ever blogpost! I love fashion and beauty products. Fashion to me is almost everything … the love of my life, my hobby, my passion! Also I am a sucker for new products. I want to try them all no matter what…Sometimes they don’t work for me but who cares as long as I try them! So, I decided to create this blog because I would like to share my taste and my preferences with everyone out there.

So, if you spend most of your day reading through fashion magazines and trying to be up to date with the latest fashions and trends then we are alike and my blog is one that you should check out!!! Comments and ideas are greatly appreciated even when they are not that favorable 😉 .

I hope you will enjoy going through my fashion recipes!



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